Distinctive Indie Rock

With high energy tunes and creative tempo changes, Alternative Rock might best describe Ivory Drive’s music, but their sound isn’t easily pigeonholed. Ivory Drive’s five musicians combine on piano, organ, drums, bass, trumpet, and sax to produce songs that are fresh and original with an audience pleasing variety. Unusually complex for “rock” music, their songs are peppered with generous amounts of jazz, folk, blues, world, and even classical.

Ivory Drive’s full-length debut album, From This Far, propels its listeners through high energy, danceable tunes punctuated by moments of brooding sentiment.  Recorded at Wave Stable Studios in Aurora, CO, and mastered at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO, the 13 original tracks of From This Far culminate two years of songwriting, recording, and production.

Ivory Drive has been warmly received at their live shows in the Denver and Boulder area. Venues they’ve played include: The Larimer Lounge, The Hi-Dive, The Oriental Theater, and The University of Colorado campus.  The band has a tight live show, with superb musicianship.

Most recently, Ivory Drive has experienced remarkable success on the web, including two popular web sites where listeners rate songs, and the highest rated songs “rise on the charts”.  On OurStage.com, four songs on the album From This Far out-paced hundreds of songs to place in the top 10.  Two of the four finished #1 in their respective categories.  OurStage recently declared Ivory Drive to be one of the top artists on their site. On thesixtyone.com, a listener based site, the band has quickly become a fan favorite, gaining new fans all over the world. The music listeners on these sites are looking for new and exciting music, and they have made it clear that they love Ivory Drive.

Ivory Drive was started in Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 2007 by Van Wampler on keyboards and vocals, Wes Barton on drums, Sean Whissen on bass, Geoff Boux on saxophone, and Colton Crandell on trumpet. The band’s creative group process of arranging songs and showcasing the individual talents of each band member gives rise to the fresh sound that is Ivory Drive.

The reaction of fans confirms that this is a band to watch. Their music receives descriptions such as “moving,” “lyrical,” “exceptional”, and of course “unique.” Another thing out of the ordinary about Ivory Drive is their appeal to almost everyone who hears them – all age groups enjoy Ivory Drive’s music.

The band is currently available for booking in the Colorado region, and is seeking other performance opportunities.

Meet the Band

Band Members

Van Wampler

Piano, Organ, Vocals

Geoff B Geoff Boux


Wes Barton Wes Barton


Sean Sean Whissen


Colton Colton Crandell