If you are here, then you’re probably already an Ivory Drive fan. And you probably know that these guys are great, and headed for the top.

Now the rest of the world needs to know that. And you can help!

This is a pretty exciting time of a new band’s career. Just getting started, playing in all the local places they can. Promoting the band on the web, designing merchandise, working on a new album. And because you are here now, you are one of the very first to appreciate Ivory Dirve’s music. And you can be part of their rise to the top.

So what can you do? Read on. This page has a bunch of ideas. Some don’t take much effort, others could take a bit of time. But all can help spread the word about Ivory Drive.


1. Join the mailing list

We will use our mailing list to keep you up to date on Ivory Drive’s latest news. And we’ll do our best to not overdo how often we e-mail. Join our mailing list, and we’ll send you a link for a free song download!

Join mailing list

2. Become a Fan or Friend

Increasing our fan count is an important way to get more and better gigs. We are building fans on three places: myspace, facebook, and ReverbNation. You can click on the appropriate link below to start this. We’ll try our best to keep up with friend/fan requests on myspace and facebook. Note – you need to already be a member or create a new account to become a fan/friend on any of these sites – if you don’t already belong, you can create a new account and add Ivory Drive first thing!

  • Ivory Drive on MySpace – click on the Add to Friends, and you will become fan/friend.
  • Ivory Drive on FaceBook – after you get to the Ivory Drive page and log in, you can either click the “Become a Fan” at the top right, or use the Reverb Nation “become a fan” link a little ways down on the left side.

3. Visit Our Web Sites Often

Visiting our web sites bumps our visit counters, which helps. This is especially true on MySpace.

4. Tell Your Friends

Good old fashioned word of mouth is always great. Tell all your friends about Ivory Drive. Tell them about upcoming shows. Give them Ivory Drive’s web address:

5. Come See the Band Play

We’re trying to play as often as possible. Be sure to come, and bring your friends!

6. Buy our Merch

While it is true we make a little profit from sales at our Merch Store, what really helps is for people to see you walking around in an Ivory Drive shirt.

7. Post Links Where You Can

If you know how to add comments and links to blog postings, web pages, your myspace profile, then we’ve got two ways for you to add links to Ivory Drive. Probably the best link you can add is back to Ivory Drive’s main web site:, but we’ve also got links to our merch store, and more.

ReverbNation also provides some pretty neat widgets and banners to help promote Ivory Drive – all the way from a simple banner link to a complete widget with our schedule, picture, music, and videos.

We’ve created a special web page for this: Ivory Drive Banners. That page includes a bunch of banners and boxes with appropriate HTML code you can cut and paste. It also has ReverbNation’s widget grabber, which lets you pick and choose what you’d like to show.

Please, if you spread any Ivory Drive links around, let us know. We’d like to know if anyone is actually doing this, and if it actually helps drive our traffic. Thanks!

And finally, if you have other ideas on how to promote Ivory Drive, let us know by adding a comment below.


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  1. Found a song of yours just by chance. Love your sound and cannot get enough of you guys! Definitly the most played tracks on my ipod at the moment.. Getting a fan base over in the UK! You should come and do some gigs out here 🙂

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