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We want it to be easy for you to buy our album, From This Far. We think the best way for you to buy our album as a digital download is directly from us. You can click on the buy button to open our sales page, or click on the Download label on the player to go directly to the payment screen. One of the big benefits of buying from us directly is that you will have your choice of several digital audio formats, including 320K mp3 and several lossless formats, including FLAC and Apple Lossless formats – all DRM free! And the album download includes the album booklet artwork in PDF, all ready to print. This is the only place to buy our album in a digital format that includes it all!

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The old Ivory Drive E.P. is available at:

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Let the world know you like Ivory Drive! Get our merch at The shirts come in regular adult sizes, and many have different colors.

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Do you want more stuff? We can try. Give us some feedback in the comment section below. Thanks!


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  1. Hello Dear Band,

    I’m dumbstruck by how few reviews you have on Amazon, because you have been one of my favorite bands since discovering you on Noisetrade. Like, you’re super great. I’m bad at this. Anyway, you’re also my five-year-old’s favorite band, and I was hoping to get her a CD copy of Anthem of the Land as a gift. (She’s obsessed with “Me and Mr. ‘Luminess'” “Knifing through the Sky” and “Snowflakes.” Can you help me out with this?

    I would also love to bring her to a concert when she’s a little older… So in closing, keep being awesome.

    Thank you!

    – Meg

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